We’re here for you, still.

Because no one should go through tough times alone.

What a year.

As 2020 came to an end, the pandemic continued to disrupt our normal activities.

Students wrapped up another semester with remote learning. Unemployment reached a historic high. Even the holiday season was tough as zoom calls replaced our traditional family celebrations.

This is why we wanted to make sure that you took good care of yourself.

Your mental and physical health.

Our Youth Services Team delivered over 500 “self –care” packages to group homes and organizations like Pathfinders, UMOS and the Vel R. Phillips Youth and Family Justice Center.

We reminded people about healthy ways to handle stress. There are alternatives to drugs and alcohol. For example, we handed out coloring books and journals. This tool provides a healthy way to express feelings and reduce anxiety.

We also provided brochures that help Milwaukee County residents access professional counselors and organizations offering mental health services.

Yes, 2020 was a tough year.

The Social Development Commission was there to provide hope and solutions.

Check out the news feature on CBS 58.

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