Meet the Social Development Commission (SDC)’s Residential Services Healthy Home Lead Abatement Manager Ofelia Mondragon:

How long have you worked at SDC?
11 years. I started at SDC in 2010 left for a few months in 2019, but came back to support housing efforts and committed to continue to do this great work!

What do you do at SDC?
 I’m responsible for managing all the programs under the Healthy Homes Lead Abatement Department. Our objective is to make homes lead safe and healthy by addressing all the lead poisoning hazards and any asthma triggers.

What motivates you? Why do you do this work?
I’m committed at a professional level because working at SDC gives me the opportunity to connect with families, contractors, community partners to address a housing issue that has been neglected for years. At a personal level, one of my children was exposed to lead poisoning and learning the health effects gave me the opportunity to start creating awareness, and an opportunity to empower more families and educate them about lead poisoning. I’m committed to share my knowledge and experience to provide families the resources needed to improve housing quality. We all deserve to live in a comfortable and safe home, and we need the resources and education to accomplish this.

Describe a time when you felt like your work at SDC made a difference in someone’s life:
Every home that we complete brings a big sense of accomplishment; specially families with small children knowing that we are doing everything we can to protect their wellbeing.

Tell us something people don’t know about you:
I was born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico. I came to Milwaukee when I was 14 years old.

Lightning Round Questions

This is where it gets really fun as we get to learn more about the things our employees enjoy.

Dream vacation?
Puerto Rico

Most recent book you read:
The Bible

Favorite movie?
Daniel: A Lifetime of Faith Part 1 and 2

Favorite song?
Girls Like You

Favorite athlete?
I do not have a favorite athlete.

Favorite local restaurant?
El Señorial

Favorite hobby?
Play volleyball and go for long walks

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