Wisconsin Opportunity Act Sign


The mission of the Social Development Commission (SDC) is two-fold. SDC empowers people with the resources to move beyond poverty. It provides programs and services like weatherization and income tax assistance.

However, SDC does more than that. SDC is also one of the state’s largest advocates for people experiencing poverty.

This core mission took SDC’s CEO George Hinton to the Wisconsin State Legislature.

SDC is a member of the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP). It joined partnering agencies to push for initiatives that called for investment in housing, transportation, employment and business development training.

It was important.

SDC was a powerful voice advocating for underrepresented communities.

In 2020, SDC used its platform to advocate for a variety of issues including police reform and accountability, an end to systemic racism, the Black Lives Matter movement, Minimum Wage Increase, and the Dental Therapy Bill that would increase dental resources in communities experiencing poverty.

Since its creation more than 55 years ago, SDC has worked with its network. It has represented people experiencing poverty at all levels of government, the private sector and with the public at-large.

Learn more about SDC’s impact in the community and read more from the 2020 Annual Report.

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