SDC’s ChefStart culinary class is helping students develop new skills and grow in the culinary industry. Graduates come from all walks of life.

In our winter class, some graduates were recently released from prison. Others lost jobs during the height of the pandemic. Because we kept our doors open, our six-week ChefStart class gave students a chance to cook, interview with employers and support each other as they earned culinary’s important ServSafe certification.

You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate the hands-on experience students received. Students mastered kitchen leadership, safety and time management. They developed new recipes. Students made everything from eggs benedict to spicy enchiladas. There were other practical, soft skills takeaways, like resume writing and financial coaching.

This is what recovery looks like as we begin to recover from a pandemic that disrupted every aspect of our lives. Some individuals even changed their career paths.

The local job market is showing signs of recovery and ChefStart graduates are ready for work.

Congratulations graduates!

It’s an honor to show off our Winter 2021 graduates and help them create pathways to achieve career and personal goals.

Watch the video:

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