Youth Services Art Contest Winner

Youth Advisory Council
Today’s youth have something important to say. And by partnering with SDC, young people are leading important discussions that positively impact teens in our community.

SDC’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is created for teens and is run by teens.

YAC gives youth a chance to meet like-minded teens from all over Milwaukee County. While working to better the community, the group advocates for teens in ways that impact health, social justice and education.

With an emphasis on public service, YAC is grooming tomorrow’s leaders today.

Event: Rise Above the Influence
In 2020, nothing was normal. Not school. Not work. The pandemic disrupted everything. It left many young people feeling isolated and stressed. Depression and substance abuse was on the rise.

That’s why SDC’s YAC created an opportunity for local teens to express their feelings with art.

Paintings by teens explored topics like suicide, drugs and even peer pressure. This form of art therapy helped eliminate the stigma associated with depression while providing the community with important resources for access and to improve mental health outcomes.

Learn more about SDC’s impact by reading the 2020 Annual Report.

Learn more about SDC’s Youth Services.

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