It’s not often that you see women running construction sites but that’s exactly what may happen as SDC prepares more female workers for jobs in the construction industry. During a spring “Women in Trades” luncheon hosted by SDC, SDC facilitators brought together plumbers, welders, contractors and women looking to break into the industry. Together, they explored new employment trends and career possibilities. Timing couldn’t be better. According to the Department of Labor, construction industry jobs could grow by as much as 12% over the next couple of years.

Roughly 45 women attended the “Women in Trades” luncheon. And for a couple of women looking for work, the conference led to job interviews including one with a local architecture firm.

Dorothy Walker, Interim Dean of Technology and Applied Sciences at MATC, remembers how she was able to support her children as a single mom on the salary she earned as a welder. As one of the only women doing the work for her company in the early 70’s, she told the crowd how she succeeded despite discrimination that still exists today.

After the luncheon, women continued to network with each other as SDC staff answered questions about construction programs and career services the agency offers.  The bottom line, female construction workers are a growing trend. And with help from SDC, expect to see more women building cities as they tear down barriers that historically kept them out of these jobs.

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