Youth Services

Meeting the needs of Milwaukee County’s youth

SDC’s Youth Services offers programs for low-income and at-risk youth that live in Milwaukee County. Our experienced staff guide and counsel youth to aid in their development and provide them with the foundation and skills necessary to achieve their goals.

By participating in the services offered, youth are able to discuss topics and social encounters that they experience day-to-day helping them to acquire conflict resolution and leadership skills. SDC operates recreational leagues available to males and females, and some leagues are co-ed. Good sportsmanship and teamwork are emphasized to ensure youth have a rewarding experience in their league of choice.

Other aspects of Youth Services that may be available to youth include job readiness, trainings, and job placement.

Youth services community outreach workshops and activities include:


  • Conflict Resolution: What is conflict? Response to conflict. Conflict management styles. 6 steps to conflict resolution. Role play activity.
  • Bullying Awareness: What is bullying? Different types of bullying. Characteristics of people involved in bullying. Effects of bullying. What to do about bullying.
  • Media Influences: Self-image / Self Concepts. How a healthy self-esteem plays a role in positive / negative social peer interactions? What is media? Being educated on media. What is the goal of advertisers and what techniques they use to sell products?
  • Parenting Wisely: Reduce verbal and physical aggression in the family. How to deal with teen and pre-teen problem behaviors? Learn strategies to solve self-Image/self-Improvement.
  • Life Skills Training: Making decisions. Drugs myths and realities. Violence and the media. Coping with anxiety/anger. Communication skills.
  • Life Skills Transitions: Goal setting for success. Effective communication. Managing stress. Decision-making and risk. Managing time and money. Building relationships.
  • Understanding And Dealing With High Risk Behaviors: What is important to you? Understanding your feelings. Problem solving. Risk factors. Protective factors.
  • Girls In Real Life Situations: Who am I? Body image. Choices. Communication. Emotions. Relationships.

Community Service Alternatives Program

(ages 12-19)

Participants in the Community Service Alternatives Program are referred by Milwaukee Municipal Court, Milwaukee Children’s Court, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office and parents and guardians. Community service options for youth are offered in lieu of citations, fines, detention or jail. Family advocates monitor youth closely and provide weekly school updates and/or home visits. Enrolled youth are required to complete various workshops including alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse (ATODA) prevention, anger management, gang prevention, communication and community service projects.

Job Readiness

The Young Adult and Adult Job Readiness Program is an on the job training experience for young adults and adults ages 14-24. They receive training in job readiness skills, soft skills, financial literacy and information on advancing their education. Participants also gain on the job training experience through an SDC approved location. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate and an employment portfolio which they help create. These workshops provide youth with the necessary skills to obtain and retain employment.

Teen Talking and Listening Circles

(ages 12-18)

Small groups of male and/or female young people gather to openly discuss topics including peer pressure, media influences, violence, family and relationships. The circles provide peer-to-peer support enabling participants to learn from one another, share coping skills, and how to make healthy choices.

Youth Advisory Board

(ages 14-18)

The Youth Advisory Board offers the opportunity for youth to develop and practice leadership skills. The board members learn to develop ideas and action plans and, working together, they gain knowledge of executing plans through Team Service Projects. Through each project, organizational and collaboration skills are developed resulting in an increase in confidence. Examples of projects include teen dances, youth rallies, and educational field trips.

For additional information, please complete the form below and select area(s) of interest.

For additional information, please complete the form below and select area(s) of interest.

Youth Services

Youth Services

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