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Counseling & Wellness Clinic

SDC operates a state certified outpatient treatment program for both Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health concerns. Counseling services are offered to Milwaukee County youth ages 8-19.


Services Offered

  • Comprehensive Screening & Clinical Assessments
  • Education/Awareness presentations and workshops are available to middle and high school students. Topics include:
    • Anger Management Presentation: What is anger? Triggers / Responses, Anger styles, When anger becomes a problem, When and how to make a change, Activities.
    • What You Don’t Know…..Can Hurt You: Reasons for using drugs or alcohol, When and at what stage is it a problem, Wants vs. Needs, Consequences of drug & alcohol abuse, What is recovery / intervention (Making a change), Activities: videos or resources.
    • Fatal Vision Experience: Understanding risk of impaired driving, Experience impaired vision of intoxication, Short/long term cost of OWI.
    • Mental Health Concerns as Everyone’s Business: Stigma Reduction: Mental health fears vs. truths, Why being “different” doesn’t mean “you’re crazy”, Who is affected by mental health concerns or substance abuse, What is dual diagnosis, Treatment for individual, family or groups, Support groups and more.
    • Understanding the Effects of Trauma in Children and Adolescents: What is Trauma, Types of Trauma, What is ACE and how does Resiliency come into play with Trauma.
    • Spin the Bottle: A game designed to demonstrate the dangers of drinking.
    • Keeping It Real (KIR): An evidence-based substance abuse prevention program proven to reduce the risks of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use as well as promote social and emotional competence.
    • Enhancing My Self-Esteem: What is self-esteem? How to change my self-talk? And developing a new way of thinking about me.
    • Where Do I Go From Here? Helping students develop goals and dreams for the future.

Provided by or supervised by licensed clinical staff

  • Drug Urine-Screen testing for identified Substance Use Disorder clients
  • Outpatient treatment for Substance Use Disorder and/or other mental health concerns
    Service provided through individual, group and family supportive counseling, referrals, consultations, case coordination advocacy and ongoing support for youth.
  • Celebrating Creativity via Alternative Therapies and Expression

Participants are also encouraged to take action by expressing their creativity through art, music, poetry, a letter, story, theater, mind body
awareness-Yoga etc.

Our approach is always strength-based, solution focused, and wellness oriented for our participants. Family participation is encouraged. Our counselors provide education, support, referral assistance and advocacy as needed.

For more information, please contact:
Counseling & Wellness Clinic
414.906.2793 or 414.906.2794

Substance Use Disorder

Substance Use Disorder can be treated through our Counseling and Wellness Clinic. The Substance Use Disorder program is a state certified community substance abuse program which allows SDC to provide treatment to all youth participants.

Program services include:

  • Substance Use Disorder education, assessments, counseling and treatment to Milwaukee County youth ages of 8-19.
  • Outpatient treatment including individual, and group counseling, case management, referrals, consultations, case coordination, advocacy and support for youth.
  • Anger Management counseling for youth in one-on-one or group sessions.

Prevention, Intervention and Education services include:

  • Educational presentations within Milwaukee Public Schools, alternative schools, choice/charter schools and other community settings.
  • Parent and family Substance Use Disorder education includes presentations, workshops and referrals for parents of at-risk youth.

Prescription Assistance

What is the Prescription Advocacy & Referral Service (PARS)

For many people who do not qualify for federal or state health insurance and are unable to pay for their prescription medications, the decision to pay for medication is often secondary to the need to pay for food or housing. Patients who require daily medications often take their medication every other day or cut their pills in half. The existence of prescription medication assistance programs is known to many people, but the complexity of the enrollment process discourages many eligible patients from applying. The Prescription Advocacy & Referral Service (PARS) program was created to guide patients through the application process, and enable them to more easily receive prescription medications.

The Prescription Advocacy & Referral Service is a free service provided to income-eligible clients. Funding for this program is provided by the Helen Bader Foundation and the Social Development Commission. Clients are provided assistance in obtaining free or low-cost prescription medications from participating pharmaceutical companies. The support provided by the PARS program coordinator will include assisting clients with completing and submitting the necessary paperwork and documentation to the pharmaceutical companies with prescription assistance programs that carry the medication(s) they need. Once clients are approved by the pharmaceutical companies, they will receive the medication(s) through their clinic/physician who prescribed the medication. the coordinator will also assist with refills. No medications will be mailed to SDC or kept on the premises at SDC at any time.

PARS will also establish relationships with local clinics and physicians’ offices for the purpose of receiving client referrals for the program and obtaining the necessary client information for processing applications.

The PARS coordinator is also trained to assist with enrollment in health care insurance and FoodShare.


  1. Clients must possess a prescribed medication provided by their doctor or clinic.
  2. Clients must call or come in to see the PARS coordinator to make arrangements to start the process of completing the necessary paperwork and providing the necessary documentation requested by the pharmaceutical company.
  3. The PARS Program Coordinator will submit the completed paperwork to the pharmaceutical company.
  4. After approval, the pharmaceutical company will mail the medication to the client’s doctor or clinic.


The main goal of the PARS program is to ensure clients are receiving and taking their medication(s) as directed, so that their health is not compromised. Secondary goals include:

  • Monetary savings for enrollees
  • Healthy behavior changes
  • An increase in health outcomes


Questions or inquiries can be directed to the PARS Program Coordinator at the following address:

PARS Program Coordinator
Social Development Commission
1705 W. North Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53205

For more information about our Mental Health & Wellness Services at SDC, please call 414.906.2700 or complete the form below.

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