This is important.

The Social Development Commission (SDC) is pleased that June 19th – Juneteenth Day – is now recognized as a federal holiday. And for the first time in a long time, we had an opportunity to see many of you at one of Milwaukee’s largest Juneteenth Day celebration. For Milwaukee, this year’s Juneteenth Day was the 50th anniversary celebration, one of the longest running Juneteenth celebrations in the country.

The Juneteenth holiday commemorates the day enslaved African Americans finally learned they were free. The new holiday is a step in the right direction. It formally recognizes an important part of U.S. history.

This year, we used the city’s Juneteenth celebration to empower our community. At our booth, we shared resources that will help our neighbors continue to recover from the pandemic and beyond.

From this day forward, the Juneteenth Day holiday will have increased visibility and greater impact. We think it should always remind us that information has the power to change lives.

Check out some great moments we captured during Milwaukee’s 2021 Juneteenth Day celebration below and view the full photo album on Facebook.

SDC CEO Dr. Hinton

2021 Juneteenth - Mister and Misses Juneteenth

2021 Juneteenth - Speaker

2021 Juneteenth - Governor Tony Evers

2021 Juneteenth - Gwen Moore

2021 Juneteenth - Parade

2021 Juneteenth - Parade Alphas

2021 Juneteenth - Parade Souls to Polls

2021 Juneteenth - Parade drummers

To view more photos from the 50th Anniversary of Juneteenth, visit SDC’s Facebook page. 

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