Meet the Social Development Commission (SDC)’s Youth and Family Services Case Manager Thomas Hines:

How long have you worked at SDC?
Though I was officially hired at SDC in December of 2021, I’ve been affiliated with the agency since 2017, which has involved various workshops on Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and overall Youth engagement.

What do you do at SDC?
I am currently a Case Manager for Youth & Family Services, in addition to assisting SDC’s evening recreation program three nights a week at several community centers/partnerships. I also partake in community canvassing which includes visiting Milwaukee elementary, middle & high schools to inform students and staff on SDC’s available resources. Lastly, presentations and workshops are a consistent part of my work detail. These demonstrations are enacted in pre-determined school settings and our primary agency.

What motivates you? Why do you do this work?
When human beings experience trauma and different obstacles that impede progress in their personal journeys, it is not unusual for their lives to spiral harmfully. My greatest passion and skill-set includes providing a neutral ear with acute problem-solving techniques to alleviate their most dire issues. This is what motivates my work.

Describe a time when you felt like your work at SDC made a difference in someone’s life.
Whenever I complete a case assessment, and any client expresses that they appreciate someone who merely listens to their issues, I feel like I have made a difference in their life from this interaction alone.

Tell us something people don’t know about you
Most people don’t know that I have 5 grandkids and freak out when I reveal this info!

Lightning Round Questions

This is where it gets really fun as we get to learn more about the things our employees enjoy.

Dream vacation?
New York City with unlimited spending!

Most recent book read?
Untraumatized by Dr. Shon S. Lewis (my big sister)

Favorite movie?

Favorite song?
Impossible to answer

Favorite athlete?
Muhammed Ali

Favorite local restaurant?
Golden Corral

Favorite hobby?
Creating Music & Poetry

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