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Meet the Social Development Commission (SDC)’s Education Services Program Specialist Talibah Muhammad:

How long have you worked at SDC?
I’ve worked at SDC for four years.

What do you do at SDC?
Administer the TABE 11 & 12 tests to all clients interested in the HSED 509 (High School Equivalency Diploma), Absolute Advantage, & ChefStart programs. TABE 12 is a post-test given to the HSED students to see if they improve their scores from the time they took TABE 11. They take TABE 12 before completing the program. I administer the GED test and assist my supervisor (Steve) with the professional exams. SDC is a Pearson Vue Test Center. People sign up to take professional exams such as real estate, nursing, and other trades here at SDC. One has to be certified by Pearson Vue in order to administer those exams. Lately many people are showing up to take their real estate exams; the housing market must be doing well.

What motivates you? Why do you do this work?
Helping one person improve his/her life usually has a ripple effect; it can uplift an entire family. A single parent gets his/her HSED and is now attending college. This parent is now in a position to ensure his/her children’s education and provide a better future for their family.

Describe a time when you felt like your work at SDC made a difference in someone’s life.
Observing the students at graduation time. To see the happiness on their faces is to imagine a better future for them and realizing they can do whatever they set their minds to do.

Tell us something people don’t know about you.
I like rock music. A rock musician is on my list of things to become.

Lightning Round Questions

This is where it gets really fun as we get to learn more about the things our employees enjoy.

Dream vacation?
I am just as happy as the children at Disney World. I love all of the Disney characters. I learned English when I was a kid from watching various children’s programming with Disney characters in them; therefore am forever programmed. On a more adult note, I would love to visit Ghana, the Republic of Benin, and the Ivory Coast in Africa. Africa is a continent with 54 countries; those are just 3 countries.

Most recent book read?
I haven’t read a good book lately because I have been busy reading textbooks for psychology classes such as: Statistics For People Who Hate Statistics & Research Method In Psychology for Dummies. Ugh!

Favorite movie?
Black Panther. Saw it at least 5 times!

Favorite song?
“Stairways To Heaven” by (Led Zeppelin), “Dust In The Wind” by (Kerry Livgren), “Billy Jean” by (Michael Jackson), “When Doves Cry” by Prince.

Favorite athlete?
Jesse Owens! He wasn’t just an athlete; he was a hero!

Favorite local restaurant?
A Haitian restaurant on the Northside of Chicago: Kizin Creole (Creole Cuisine in French). The food is a cultural experience & a journey into Caribbean cuisine.

Favorite hobby?
I am working on my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Well don’t have time for anything else; therefore it has become my hobby. Be aware I may diagnose you when you are talking to me. It’s just something psychologists due naturally. They can’t help it.

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