Celaneese Landon Poverty Warrior Graphic

Meet the Social Development Commission (SDC)’s Residential Services Office Manager Celaneese Landon:

How long have you worked at SDC?
July 31st will be my 15th year anniversary at SDC.

What do you do at SDC? Tell us how it helps in the war against poverty.
I provide customers with the necessary resources that may help with their homes and make available to team members support to better serve the community. It helps customers save money to possibly buy other necessities besides paying it all towards their energy bills.

What motivates you? Why do you do this work?
Just knowing that we are here to help individuals in need, when they need it, motivates me. I do this work because I love knowing that this work that SDC does is a hand-up for those who want it.

Describe a time when you felt like your work at SDC made a difference in someone’s life.
I feel like the work I do at SDC makes a difference daily, whether it’s with teammates, contractors, partners, or customers. I “try” to keep an optimistic attitude and outlook on everything. But specifically, I feel like I made a difference when customers express gratitude for the services we provided in keeping their homes warmer during the cold wintery months.

Tell us something people don’t know about you.
I have a beautiful 32-year-old daughter. No grandchildren.

Lightning Round Questions

This is where it gets really fun as we get to learn more about the things our employees like.

Dream vacation?

Most recent book read?
Well… the most recent book I listened to: “Disloyal” by Michael Cohen.

Favorite movie?
One of my favorite movies is “Out of Time” with Denzel Washington and Eva Mendes.

Favorite song?
One of my favorite songs “Acelento (Lullaby)” by Boney James.

Favorite athlete?
No favorite athlete but I love to watch football.

Favorite local restaurant?
Cheesecake Factory: Avocado egg rolls and Tai lettuce wrap…yum!

Favorite hobby?
Recently crocheting, juicing, and watching the stock market.

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