Like many of us, John Bailey has endured some obstacles. After a spending time in prison, he was motivated to join a pre-apprenticeship construction training program and applied for SDC’s Absolute Advantage.

“I told myself give it a chance and I gave myself a chance with it and everything paid off,” says John.

Through SDC’s Absolute Advantage program, John gained a support team, a mentor, and the skills he needed to continue to elevate in the construction field. After graduating, he received a job with a local electric company.

Watch this video to witness John put his knowledge to action while working on the renovation of the former Journal Sentinel office building conversion to student housing apartments.

John is continuing to pursue construction training as he works to become a master electrician.

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Absolute Advantage is a 10-week pre-apprenticeship course for income-eligible applicants. Students gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience through opportunities created by SDC’s partnership with Ezekiel Community Development Corporation.

Are you interested in entering the construction industry, receiving certification, and being prepared to find a great paying new job? If so, learn more about SDC’s Absolute Advantage Pre-Apprenticeship Class.

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