“It’s important to vote.

You complain about things but if you don’t vote, what can you do about it?

When you vote, you have a voice.”

                                                                                -Remarks from a District Two Voter



SDC’s Legal Counsel and SDC’s CEO George Hinton inspect ballots.


The votes are in!

Thank you to everyone who took time to participate in yesterday’s election.

Winning candidates will represent SDC’s District 1 and District 2.

SDC’s legal counsel is verifying results. Stay tuned for a formal announcement.

By joining the Social Development Commission’s Board of Commissioners, elected commissioners will work with the Social Development Commission ensuring it fulfills its mission to empower Milwaukee County residents with resources to move beyond poverty. Representing residents in the six districts SDC serves, elected commissioners become the voice of people experiencing poverty. Commissioners influence policies and programs that impact Milwaukee County residents living in poverty.

A District 2 voter casts his ballot.


The Social Development Commission (SDC) is a community action agency in Milwaukee County. The agency is governed by Wisconsin State Statues that make SDC the federally designated agency to serve low-income people.

“People living in poverty know exactly what they need to improve their condition,” says SDC’s CEO George Hinton. “That’s why it’s critical they’re represented at the highest levels of this organization. Their voices need to be heard. We need people in the community to give us the solutions, not the other way around.”

SDC’s Abra Fortson counts ballots.


SDC staff assists a voter.

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