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Life is unpredictable. You can do all the right things, and then bam! Something happens to set you back.

That’s what happened to Davin when he was hit by a car speeding out of control. The life he knew was shattered. Davin sustained serious injuries. They were so severe, he could no longer work. Eventually, Davin lost his house, his job and his entire savings.

With no high school diploma, rebuilding the life he had would be difficult.

That’s when Davin reached out to SDC. SDC helped Davin create a path forward.

Davin went back to school and earned his high school diploma.

By partnering with the Milwaukee Area Technical College, SDC has developed a curriculum that gives students like Davin tools to build satisfying careers.

Davin didn’t stop with a GED. After earning a high school diploma, Davin was still hungry for knowledge. That’s why he took advantage of other SDC classes. Davin enrolled in SDC’s pre-construction apprenticeship and developed even more skills that will make him marketable.

Today, Davin’s injuries are healing and he is positioned for a successful career once again.

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Learn more about SDC’s Education Services.

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