ChefStart Student Devon Evans Headshot

Devon Evans joined SDC’s ChefStart program in Spring 2021. He had been operating a food truck and was interested in earning his ServSafe license.

But Devon received more than that.

“I was so used to doing what I have been doing my whole life and ChefStart gave me structure,” Devon said. “It gave me the confidence to get out in the field.”

Now Devon is making good money. During the 2021 NBA Playoffs, he was selling beef, chicken and shrimp wraps to hungry basketball fans at the Deer District.

With more than 100,000 people downtown to witness the Bucks historic journey, hungry fans lined up in front of Devon’s food truck.

His signature wrap the “Greece Freak” and other wraps like the “Deer Wrap” were a hit for all the Bucks fans.

When we went to visit Devon at his food truck, hungry fans waved dollar bills in the air hoping to get his attention.

For years, Devon dreamed of owning his own business. Thanks to SDC’s Culinary Arts ChefStart Program, his business is booming.

Pardon the pun but we must say, Devon, SDC’s ChefStart student, is making big bucks.

And that makes the Bucks-in-6 win even sweeter.

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