When a local technical school abruptly shut its doors, it was a major setback for Sherman Williams. Sherman was a single father with a young daughter. And there was more. Sherman also supported his own father who was disabled and unable to care for himself.

Sherman needed a job. And fast. The bills kept coming as the pressure escalated. The situation left Sherman struggling and
frustrated. Refusing to accept defeat, Sherman met with a career case manager and together they created a plan to get life back on track.

Sherman enrolled in a construction pre-apprenticeship program supported by The Social Development Foundation. It was an
investment that helped put a young father back to work. For 9-weeks, Sherman developed skills for the construction industry.

He earned safety certifications, developed leadership skills and got a driver’s license. By the end of the course, Sherman had everything he needed to launch a new career.

As an entry-level general laborer, Sherman expected a minimum salary. However, because of training funded by The Social Development Foundation, Sherman was more advanced and able to start at $18 per hour. He was delighted. In addition, Sherman works for a major employer with construction projects around the country.

It’s the perfect combination. With construction training and now real life work experience, Sherman has skills that make him marketable to any construction developer.

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