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The Social Development Commission (SDC) has partnered with our State Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) to co-host the Poverty Matters Summit “Statewide Edition” and we’d like you to join us in this effort. The Poverty Matters Summit is scheduled to occur September 27 – 28, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee, located downtown. Preparations are well underway. As a potential sponsor, you can help make the 2018 conference successful.

Through this partnership, we hope to engage the community as we address our conference theme; Sharing our Stories, Cultivating Our Solutions: Closing the Rural-Urban Divide.

SDC’s 2017 Summit on Poverty brought together more than 600 low-income individuals, community partners, and service professionals. The diverse workshops educated and informed the public about key barriers that hinder people from moving beyond poverty.

In addition, SDC hosted two highly regarded speakers: Kathryn Edin, sociologist, author of $2.00 a Day Living on Almost Nothing in America and Kevin Powell, international activist and author of The Education of Kevin Powell: A Boy’s Journey to Manhood. This event inspired attendees and received widespread media coverage.

Now, WISCAP and SDC are coming together.

We hope that you consider sponsoring the 2018 Poverty Matters Summit!

This year we are seeking to attract a broader representation of those who are impacted by the experience of poverty as well as policy makers and members of the business community.

This is a collective endeavor.  We must all come to the table to cultivate solutions for successful outcomes. 

Over the course of the conference, we aim to explore the shared experience of poverty and the interconnected economic, social and political lives of rural and urban Wisconsinites.

Participants will be challenged to examine the national, regional and local systems at play and consider how their narratives shape policy and our collective response. By drawing attention to the structural underpinnings of poverty, we believe a well-informed and intellectually honest discussion can take place and ultimately lead to better equity and inclusion in developing effective anti-poverty policies and strategies.

WISCAP is Wisconsin’s Poverty Fighting Network. WISCAP is statewide association of Wisconsin's sixteen Community Action Agencies (CAA) and two single purpose agencies.  SDC is a member of WISCAP.

Focus Areas Include:

  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Public Education
  • Member Services
  • Research

The Social Development Commission (SDC) is the community action agency serving Milwaukee County. SDC’s goal is to empower people with the resources to move beyond poverty.

SDC’s core approach and activities include:

  • Research 
  • Fostering Collaboration 
  • Planning
  • Advocacy
  • Program Operation/Incubation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Human Relations

Would you consider sponsoring this event to help us achieve our summit goals?

Please join us in helping to eradicate poverty and sponsor today.

If you have questions, please contact Executive Support Manager, Abra Fortson or via phone at 414-906-2720.


Please make checks payable to:

Social Development Foundation

Attn: Abra Fortson  

1730 W North Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53205

Electronic Payments are accepted below. 


We appreciate your time and consideration in helping to make this event impactful in our collective efforts to eradicate poverty.


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