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An Open Letter and Warning to the Community

St. Joseph Hospital Cuts Threaten Healthcare in Milwaukee


On Friday, April 6, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a disturbing article highlighting Ascension Wisconsin's plan to cut medical services at St. Joseph hospital located in Milwaukee. We must fight to keep critical healthcare services, jobs and a major economic anchor in our community.

According to the article:

"The planned move - projected to take six months or less - leaves no general acute care hospital north of downtown Milwaukee and in an area with widespread health disparities."

"The move will affect the hospital's medical patients, such as those hospitalized for pneumonia and other illnesses, surgical patients and others."

"It also will mean some patients and family members - many of whom rely on public transportation - will have to travel longer distances to receive treatment."


Enough is enough! Community hospitals matter!

By stripping the hospital to a bare bone community room, Ascension will be turning its back on Milwaukee's poorest community which contributes significantly to Milwaukee County being ranked as having the second lowest healthcare outcomes in the state of Wisconsin. Even poor, rural communities have full service community hospitals to serve the needs of its people. 

In addition to the loss of healthcare services, we are very concerned that the proposed service cuts will eliminate hundreds of family - sustaining jobs.

For decades, St. Joseph hospital has been a major anchor in this community. As Ascension Wisconsin diminishes this valuable resource, it will destabilize the surrounding community impacting property values and economic development in a re-emerging community.

We demand Ascension Wisconsin keep its promise to the community. The largest non-profit health system says their mission is to make a positive difference in the health and lives of our community with special concern for those who are vulnerable.

Call your alderman, county supervisor and other elected representatives. Let them know this cannot happen.

Wisconsin State Senators (Milwaukee Districts)

Wisconsin State Representatives (Milwaukee Districts)

Milwaukee Common Council (Alderpersons)

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

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Fight Back - You Are Community Action


You know us as the Social Development Commission. But did you know that we are part of a national network called community action agencies? In fact, as the community action agency for Milwaukee County, we are the largest in the state.

What is a community action agency?

In a nutshell, it means per state and federal law, we are tasked with helping – even advocating for - Milwaukee County residents living in poverty.

We are different. We are not bureaucrats sitting on the outside looking in. One–third of our governing board members are elected by people who live in poverty. Community action agencies were created to give people in poverty influence over policies and resources impacting their lives. We amplify their voice as we work together to solve poverty-related issues in our community.

After President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a War on Poverty, community action agencies grew in popularity.

In 1963, the State of Wisconsin enacted legislation (section 66.433) to establish the Community Relations – Social Development Commission (SDC).

Our programs and services address issues like employment, education, finance, housing, health and wellness.

As times change, we change but we remain steadfast as we continue to attack the root causes of poverty in Milwaukee County. Our mission is to empower people with the resources to move beyond poverty.  

As the largest community action agency in the state, we are a trusted authority with huge outreach and a vast network of community partners.

If you value what we do, share.

Share our Facebook posts to make our voices heard about the funding that we need to continue the work we do in our community to alleviate poverty.

Please contact elected officials that represent our community in Washington D.C. and at the state and local level.

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Wisconsin State Senators (Milwaukee Districts)

Wisconsin State Representatives (Milwaukee Districts)

Milwaukee Common Council (Alderpersons)

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors

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