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The role of the SDC Board of Commissioners is to provide guidance and leadership to the Social Development Commission. The agency's board make-up is unique when compared to other social service agencies and nonprofit organizations. Our Board of Commissioners consists of representatives of three different sectors of the community. One-third of the members are appointed by public officials and a third are appointed by the private sector. The final third represent the voices of low-income residents of Milwaukee County. These six commissioners represent six districts of Milwaukee County. These Commissioners are elected to three-year terms by residents of those districts. Our elected Commissioners are responsible for providing feedback received from low-income residents in their district and bringing that input back to the Board.

Representation of the county's low-income residents is extremely beneficial to SDC's customers. Elected Commissioners not only share concerns at the Board level, but also provide the ability to share SDC and other resources with members of their districts. Representation of our low-income residents enhances SDC's credibility with legislators that are creating, reviewing and passing legislation that affect those living in poverty. District Commissioners are also able to raise matters on behalf of their district that the full Board may not be aware of.

The Social Development Commission is fortunate to have a dynamic and diverse Board committed to excellence.  Each member brings unique talents, skills, education and experiences that contributes to the strength of the Social Development Commission.

The public is encouraged to find out what district they reside in and who their Commissioner is. Elected Commissioners have the district they represent in the information shown below their picture.

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Gerard Randall
Board Chair
Milwaukee Public Schools

Gerard A. Randall, Jr. is the Executive Director of the Milwaukee Partnership Academy (MPA), a PK-16 education partnership that aims to bring every Milwaukee student to grade level in reading, writing, math and science.

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Stephanie Findley
Board Vice-Chair
African American
Chamber of Commerce

Stephanie Findley is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Midwest Construction & Management Services, LLC a for profit corporation specializing in concrete, painting, drywall, flooring, construction management, etc.

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Jason Fields
Board Treasurer
Office of the Governor

Jason M. Fields is the Board Representative for the Office of the Governor at SDC.  He is the Founding Principal of GlobalEx, LLC. 

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ViAnna Jordan
SDC District 4

ViAnna Jordan serves as the elected representative for the residents residing in District 4.

Brian Schupper
Greater Milwaukee

Brian is the Director of Policy at the Greater Milwaukee Committee, where he focuses on economic development, effective government and external partnerships, while supporting additional GMC endeavors such as education, transit and healthcare. 

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Jim Sullivan
Milwaukee County

Jim Sullivan is the Milwaukee County representative on the SDC Board. He serves as Director of Milwaukee County Child Support Services. 

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Nikki Purvis
City of Milwaukee

Alma Ramirez
SDC District 5

Alma Ramirez serves as the elected representative for the residents residing in District 5.

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Vincent Bobot
SDC District 6

Vincent Bobot serves as the elected representative for the residents residing in District 6.

Sara Van Winkle
Interfaith Conference

Sara Van Winkle is the Interfaith Conference representative on the SDC Board.

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Daniel Gomez
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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George C. Matthews
SDC District 2

George Matthews serves as the elected representative for the residents residing in District 2.


Dr. Gary L. Williams

Gary Williams came to the UWM School of Education following a dedicated career at UWM as a campus administrator responsible for developing and providing academic support services to UWM students, with a particular focus on minority and disadvantaged college and pre-college attendees and participants.

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Dr. Regina Smith
Milwaukee Area
Technical College


Lelah J. Huntley
SDC District 1

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Craig A. Sanders
SDC District 3

Craig Sanders serves as the elected representative for residents residing in District 3.

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Ms. Rosemary Holley
TARP – Technical Assistance Resource Person
Governance Committee






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