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The SDC Youth & Family Development Program has a variety of programs that work to help young people avoid the peer pressures of gang involvement; negative behavior; alcohol, tobacco or drug abuse; and dropping out of school.

For more information on the Youth & Family Development programs
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Parent Involvement
The YFDP staff understands that youth perform better in school and make positive life choices when parents and guardians are involved in their lives. Monthly Parent Orientations provide a safe environment for parents and guardians to share their experiences raising children, encourage involvement in their children's lives, and inform parents about community resources that can strengthen their families.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Workshops
Crisis mediation is introduced to youth through interactive role playing and skits that provide solutions to resolving conflict. In cooperation with parents, schools and local officials, workshops and seminars are offered to Milwaukee Public Schools, alternative schools and choice/charter schools.

Community Service Alternatives Program
Referrals for Community Service Alternatives Program come from Milwaukee Municipal Court, Milwaukee Children's Court, Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office and parents and guardians. The program provides community service options for youth to complete in lieu of citations, fines, detention or jail. The youth are closely monitored by family advocates including weekly school updates and/or home visits. The youth are required to complete various workshops including alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATODA) prevention, anger management, gang prevention, communication, and serving one's community through various service projects.

Restorative Justice: Community Justice Intervention Program (CJIP)
Youth are referred from the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office and the State of Wisconsin Public Defenders office for deferred prosecution agreements and pre-diversion services. The District Attorney agrees to hold the case open for a specified period of time with the condition that the individual completes all program requirements. Successful completion results in dismissal of charges.

Deferred prosecution is an option for in-custody and out-of-custody defendants. Pre-diversion is for individuals diverted prior to the District Attorney issuing a charge, usually within 48 hours of arrest. Successful completion results in no charges filed.

CJIP adopts case management models to help clients and families develop a plan that addresses individual needs across multiple life domains such as legal, living situation, community, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, and school.

Baby Think It Over (BTIO)
Baby Think It Over is a pregnancy prevention program targeting middle school boys and girls. The BTIO incorporates a lifelike, life-size baby doll that weighs about 6 pounds and is 21 inches long. It has realistic computerized responses designed to give young people the experience of parenthood. After the fifth week of class, youth take the baby simulators home and are graded on their ability to care for the infant.

Teen Talking And Listening Circles
Small group circles of male and/or females discuss topics such as peer pressure, media influences, teen violence, family and relationships. The circles provide peer-to-peer support learning from each other, sharing coping skills and making healthy decisions.

Mentoring And Tutoring Program
Students who are enrolled may receive mentoring and tutoring services that support their educational needs. The services are for youth in school, those who have dropped out and who have been expelled.

Youth Sports & Recreational Activities
The YFDP offers both sports and recreational activities that provide skill development and team building. The sports leagues are available to both males and females and some are co-ed. They include basketball, flag football, volleyball, bowling, softball, golf and soccer.

The Youth Advisory Board (YAB)
YAB is an opportunity for youth to develop and practice leadership skills. The board members learn to develop ideas into action plans and gain knowledge of executing the plans through Team Service Projects. They increase their organizational and collaboration skills, and build confidence with each project. Examples of projects include teen dances, youth rallies and educational field trips.

Alcohol, Tobacco And Other Drug Abuse (ATODA)
The YFDP ATODA program is a state certified community substance abuse program which allows SDC to provide treatment to all youth participants.
ATODA program services include:

* ATODA education, assessments, counseling and treatment to Milwaukee County youth ages of 8-19.
* Outpatient treatment including individual, and group counseling, case management, referrals, consultations, case coordination, advocacy and support for youth.
* Anger Management counseling for youth in one-on-one or group sessions.

ATODA Prevention, Intervention and Education services include:

* Educational presentations within Milwaukee Public Schools, alternative schools, choice/charter schools and other community settings.
* Parent and family ATODA education includes presentations, workshops and referrals for parents of at-risk youth.

Creating Lasting Family Connections (CLFC)
CLFC is a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) recognized research based, model program curriculum that supports parents and reinforces family unity.

The CLFC curriculum targets youth and parents and is designed to help build proactive skill development to help youth avoid the use of substances, resist negative peer pressure and develop strong social skills.

Youth Employment
The Youth Employment Program is an on the job training experience for youth ages 18-21. They receive training in job readiness skills, soft skills, financial literacy and information on advancing their education. Participants also gain on the job training experience through an SDC approved location. Upon completion of the program, participants receive a certificate and an employment portfolio which they help create. The Youth Employment Program also provides pre-employment workshops for youth ages 12-18. These workshops provide the youth with the necessary skills to obtain and retain employment.

For more information on the Youth & Family Development programs
please call (414) 906-2790

YFDP brochure (pdf)

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