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Dismantling Systems of Poverty

Poverty is perputated by our culture, not by any one individual or family. It is rooted in the society we live in today. It is entrenched in stereotypes we claim we don't hold. Entrenched in hiring practices we don't acknowledge. Entrenched in policy. Entrenched in the way we view and judge others and ourselves. It is embedded in our culture. We must break poverty at it's root if there is to be meaningful change.

The Social Development Commission (SDC) and its coalition of partner agencies will present the SDC Summit on Poverty 2017, Dismantling Systems of Poverty, Wednesday, September 6 - Thursday, September 7. Ranked within the top five in our nation for the highest poverty level, our community faces a crisis. Poverty is not a choice, it's an epidemic affecting a deplorable amount of our fellow residents; children, adults, and the elderly.Our culture must change! The number of people living in poverty in Milwaukee County is undeniable. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye and ignore this crisis.The issue must be in the forefront and remain there until it is eradicated.

The SDC Summit on Poverty is a key collaboration of service providers and subject matter experts such as policy makers, advocates, faith-based and community based organizations.

Reducing poverty in Milwaukee County will require a long-term effort that can only be successful if it addresses the barriers that prevent individuals and families from moving toward economic stability. It is the responsibility of our entire community to help lift our most vulnerable members out of poverty.

The event will be a launch pad for expanding diaglogue and advising policy. The Summit will feature workshops, research, best practices, recommendations and other critical information on the dissonance related to poverty. Focal points for the day will be:

  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • The Isms
  • Policies & Systems
  • Trauma

Dates:  Wednesday, September 6 & Thursday, September 7, 2017 (New! Two-day Summit)

Time:  7:30 AM

Location:  Italian Conference Center, 631 East Chicago Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Questions? Please contact Abra Fortson.

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Special Thanks To:


SDC Summit on Poverty 2017 Co-Chairs

Stephanie Findley, SDC Board of Commissioners
Dr. Gary Williams, SDC Board of Commissioners

Coalition Partners

African American Chamber of Commerce

American Civil Liberties Union

Center for Self-Sufficiency

Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative

Milwaukee Urban League

NAACP Milwaukee Branch

UWM Milwaukee School of Education

YWCA of Southeast Wisconsin



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