With the SDC's renewed emphasis on examining poverty-related issues in Milwaukee County, we are pleased to present a variety of publications, which illustrate its commitment to contributing to this knowledge base. Agency staff are constantly engaged in pursuing and developing a better understanding of the issues that most impact the low-income residents of Milwaukee County.

We hope these publications serve as informitive, educational tools for Milwaukee County residents, and highlight the ways the SDC is responding to the challenges of poverty.


The SDC is charged with recommending solutions to the County’s social problems, planning for implementation of solutions, coordinating efforts, and providing technical assistance to community groups to help address these problems.The papers below demonstrate how the SDC is advocating for change in Milwaukee.

SDC 2011 Symposium on Poverty: "Reducing Poverty in a Changing Landscape

Structural Issues Impacting Black Male Employment Opportunities in Metro Milwaukee



In order to increase its advocacy impact in Metro Milwaukee, the SDC has begun to regularly submit guest editorials to media publications in Southeastern Wisconsin. As our work continues to grow, so will the list of editorials below. Please check them out and let us know your thoughts!

Reducing Poverty in a Changing Landscape (October 24, 2011)

State EITC Cuts Hurts Families (June 7, 2011)



One of the ways that the SDC tailors its services to meet the needs of its varied clientele is by examining who its client base is and how useful SDC's programs are to them.  The reports below offer both quantitative and qualitative depictions of SDC clients and programs.

CSBG ARRA Final Report (Recovery Act Programs)

2011-2013 Community Action Plan

Program Highlights Fact Sheets



In order to match programming with the service needs of Milwaukee County individuals and families, the SDC performs community needs assessments on a regular basis.  The reports below catalog the changing nature of poverty and human needs in Milwaukee.

2013 CSBG Needs Assessment - Summary Report

2013 CSBG Needs Assessment - Final Report

2012 CSBG Needs Assessment

Community Dialogue:  Defining Our Needs (2001)



The SDC’s public hearings offer individuals a forum to express beliefs, opinions, and ideas about topical issues in Milwaukee. The transcripts below are verbatim testimony from Milwaukee County residents.

Black Male Joblessness Public Hearing Transcript

Payday Lending Public Hearing Transcript

Alcohol, Drugs, and Poverty Public Hearing Transcript 



As a leader in the examination of poverty, the SDC is obligated to inform Milwaukee County residents about the extent of poverty in Milwaukee. These educational facts are designed to offer readers accurate and current data.

Poverty Fact Sheet 2012

Poverty Fact Sheet 2010



Because the SDC’s service area encompasses the entirety of Milwaukee County, the SDC finds it useful to create visual depictions of the many communities with which it is connected.The maps below thus offer a GIS presentation of SDC demography.

Black Families Below Poverty - 2010

Children 0-5 in Poverty - 2000

Children 0-5 in Poverty - 2010

CR-SDC Sites (2013)

Families Below Poverty - 2000

Families Below Poverty - 2010

Individuals 130-149 Percent of Poverty - 2010

Individuals 150-184 Percent of Poverty - 2010

Individuals 185 Percent or More of Poverty - 2010

Individuals in Poverty - 1980

Individuals in Poverty - 1990

Individuals in Poverty - 2000

Individuals in Poverty - 2010

Latino Families Below Poverty - 2010

Median Household Income - 2000

Median Household Income - 2010

SDC Clients - 2011

SDC District 1

SDC District 2

SDC District 3

SDC District 4

SDC District 5

SDC District 6

SDC Districts

Unemployment - 2000

Unemployment - 2010

White Families Below Poverty - 2010



The SDC routinely surveys invested stakeholders on issues related to povery in Milwaukee. The reports below present results of these efforts.

SDC Board

SDC Staff

SDC Stakeholders

SDF Board

Views Across the Issues

What SDC Should Do

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